2015 SURE Video Search Results

Joshua Aviles Fabrication of Solar Cells for the CADRE CubeSat Mission Aerospace James Cutler University of Michigan
Joalix Bajandas Measurement of Dimerization Forces in Green Fluorescent Protein using Molecular Dynamics Chemical Sharon Glotzer  University of Puerto Rico in Humacao
Brinnae Bent Characterizing Micelles for Application in Nanoscale Electrochemical Voltage Sensors Biomedical Raoul Kopelman  North Carolina State University
Megan Bushlow CO2 Sequestration in Basalt Reservoirs Civil and Environmental Brian Ellis & Avery Demond University of Michigan
Andrea Case Validating Accelerometry for Ergonomic Posture Assessment IOE Clive D’Souza University of Michigan
Khai Yi Chin  Smart Braid on McKibben Artificial Muscle Mechanical C. David Remy University of Michigan
Quincy Davenport Luminance Constancy Analysis Computer Science Yaoyun Shi University of Michigan
Lauren Eastes Nutrient Recovery Through Urine Separation Civil and Environmental Krista Wigginton & Nancy Love University of Michigan
Omar Embabi Agent Based Modeling of Tumor Host Signaling in Breast Cancer Chemical Jennifer Linderman University of Michigan
Iljin Eum Diesel Engine EGR Cooler Fouling Mechanical John Hoard University of Michigan
Annika Fash-White  Band Gap Alignment Of GaN, MoS2 Material Science Manos Kioupakis University of Michigan
Haowen Ge Orosz Ground Robot Experiment Mechanical Gabor Orosz University of Michigan
Alexander Golinski Distribution Profile of Spherical Drug Carriers and Red Blood Cells in Micro Vessels Chemical Lola Eniola-Adefeso University of Michigan
Gabriel Hodge MapReduce on GPU Computer Science Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
Ziyuan Jiao Hybrid Control Algorithm for Multi agent Path Planning and Avoidance Aerospace Dimitra Panagou University of Michigan
Yixin Jin CV and Deep Leaning Computer Science Jia Deng University of Michigan
Leng Ying Khoo Indoor Magnetic Localization System AOSS Mark Moldwin  University of Michigan
Jang Won Ko Soft Robotics Mechanical Brent Gillespie University of Michigan
Jason Leung MRacing Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Aerospace Joaquim Martins University of Michigan
Sihang Liu Verification of CPU GPU Systems Computer Science Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
Yi Luan Matlab Based Microfluids Research Toolbox ECE Euisik Yoon University of Michigan
Xiaobai Ma Hybrid Control Algorithm for Multi agent Path Planning and Avoidance Aerospace Dimitra Panagou University of Michigan
Yixin Ma Learning Kinematic Relations between Objects for Manipulation Tasks ECE Necimye Ozay University of Michigan
Shoutik Mukherjee Tree Bark Recognition using the Local Radius Index EE: S David Neuhoff University of Maryland, College Park
Anna Munaco Applied Optimization Projects in Healthcare IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
Mananga Mutombo  Presentation of Glycoprotein GP Antigen on Novel Lipid–based Nanoparticles for Vaccinati Biomedical James Moon  University of Illinois, Chicago
Arun Nagpal Metamaterials & Digital Holography Testbed ECE Anthony Grbic University of Michigan
Jeffery Noble II Controlled Fabrication of Anisotropic Microfibers Chemical Joerg Lahann University of Michigan
Sajan Patel Robot Vision for Small Object Manipulation ECE Jason Corso University of Michigan
Ryan Patterson  Dynamic Modeling and Control of Thin, Floating Plates Aerospace James Forbes University of Michigan
Boning Qu High pressure die casting Mg alloy ESCs size & spatial distribution Material Science John Allison University of Michigan
Yiyu Ren Improving DSC Data Processing with Thermodynamic Model Chemical Scott Fogler University of Michigan
Kyle Reynolds Modeling of Wind Turbine Foundations Mechanical Bogdan Epureanu University of Michigan
Indie Rice Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Female Sexual Dysfunction Biomedical Tim Bruns University of Michigan
Daniel Rodriguez Recuded Order Models for Geometrically Mistuned IBRs Mechanical Bogdan Epureanu  University of Michigan
Mengyao Ruan Additive Manufacturing Optimization Mechanical Albert Shih University of Michigan
Stanley Smith Autonomous Control of Scaled Cars ECE Necmiye Ozay University of Michigan
Robert Spurney Solidification Modeling for Metamaterial Applications Material Science Katsuyo Thornton University of Michigan
Chris Stephan Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Female Sexual Dysfunction Biomedical Tim Bruns University of Michigan
Xun Sun Ultra low Power Circuit Design for Millimeter Sized Sensor Nodes ECE David Blaauw University of Michigan
Dengwang Tang  Spectrum Market Analyzer Tool ECE Vijay Subramanian University of Michigan
Varsha Tirukonda  Computational Strategic Reasoning Computer Science Michael Wellman University of Michigan
Valerie Washington Optimizing Patient Flow in Emergency Department through Observation Unit IOE Mariel Lavieri  Kennesaw State University – Marietta Campus
Michael Wright Wave Ice Interactions NAME Kevin Maki University of Michigan
Alan Xu Microengineered force sensors for studying the mechanosensitivity of cell adhesions Mechanical Jianping Fu University of Michigan
Zhentao Xu Soft Robotics Mechanical Brent Gillespie University of Michigan
Zhenjie Yao Novel Earth abundant High Performance Thermoelectric Material Sn Bi Se Compound Material Science Ferdinand Poudeu University of Michigan
Federico Zegers
On the Stability of Connected Vehicle Systems
Mechanical Gabor Orosz  University of Florida
Han Zhang Infrastructure for Automatically Inferring User Recommendations Computer Science Harsha Madhyastha  University of Michigan
Shixiang Zhou Readability Analysis IOE Paul Green University of Michigan
Wenxuan Zhou Orosz Ground Robot Experiment Robotics Gabor Orosz University of Michigan
Bingqing Zu Marsupial System Optimal Information Collection Aerospace Anouck Girard  University of Michigan