2013 SURE Video Search Results

Joe HidakatsuAnomaly Detection in Large Sets of Climate DataEECSClayton Scott

University of Michigan

Wenran ChenExperimental Testing of Piezoelectric Micro Robot Appendage DynamicsMechanicalKenn OldhamUniversity of Michigan
Shiva IyerSatellite Orbit DeterminationAerospaceJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
Victor LeRemediation of Uranium-contaminated Groundwater with Iron SulfideCivil and EnvironmentalBrian EllisUniversity of Michigan
Jia LiImage Analysis of Soils for Particle CharacterizationCivil and EnvironmentalRoman HryciwUniversity of Michigan
Mingyang LiNovel LEGO like construction and deconstructionCivil and EnvironmentalVictor LiUniversity of Michigan
Yingshi ZhengObstacle Avoidance for Teleoperated Differential Drive RobotMechanicalDawn TilburyUniversity of Michigan
Priscilla NguyenNovel LEGO like construction and deconstructionCivil and EnvironmentalVictor LiUniversity of Texas
Christopher  CoyneVesicle formation in microfluidic devicesMechanicalAllen LiuUniversity of Michigan
Roger WalkerSBM Simulations for the Electrochemical Dynamics of LiCoO2 Cathode MicrostructuresMaterials ScienceKatsuyo ThorntonUniversity of Pittsburgh
Scott Mansfield Enhancing the Immune Response to Subunit VaccinesBiomedicalJames MoonUniversity of Michigan
Hobey KuhnAirway Object TrackingComputer ScienceHonglak LeeUniversity of Michigan
Jaleel SalhiAirway Object TrackingComputer ScienceHonklak LeeUniversity of Michigan
 Nomar Gonzalez-SantiniFast modeling of the static and dynamic characteristics of a switching semiconductorEECSJuan RivasUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
Marissa ViscomiDeveloping Varying-Temperature Scanning Thermoelectric MicroscopyMaterials ScienceRachel GoldmanUniversity of Michigan
Sandro SalqueiroStrato High Altitude BalloonAerospaceJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
Jonathon  MuncieReconstitution of the Blood Clotting Cascade using Phosphatidylserine-Containing Vesicles  BiomedicalAllen LiuUniversity of Michigan
Jesiska TandyFabricating a device with micropumpsChemicalSunitha NagrathUniversity of Michigan
Komlan PayneNear-Ground Wave Propagation Measurements with miniaturized antennas at low VHF BandElectricalKamal SarabandiSyracuse University
Michael TsueiDextranase Aqueous Two Phase System Cell Migration AssayMacromolecularShuichi TakayamaUniversity of Michigan
Luke StevensThe Impact of DO on Pharmaceutical Transformation in Biological Wastewater TreatmentCivil and EnvironmentalNancy LoveUniversity of Michigan
Nathaniel Gonzalez-VelezLightweight material for automotive applicationsMechanicalJack HuUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
Michel SchoemakerDevelopment of a multi-stable energy harvesting chain MechanicalKon-Well WangUniversity of Florida
Zhehui WangNurse StaffingIOEMark DaskinUniversity of Michigan
Jose Rivera PerezLarge-Scale Testing of Soils in Cyclic Simple Shear DeviceCivil and EnvironmentalDimitrios Zekkos, Adda-Athanasopoulos ZekkosUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
Xavier RiveraLarge-Scale Testing of Soils in Cyclic Simple Shear DeviceCivil and Environmental Dimitrios Zekkos, Adda-Athanasopoulos ZekkosUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
Wade Bonkowski Post Silicon Bug LocalizationCSEValeria BertaccoUniversity of Michigan
Astin Teferi Post Silicon Bug LocalizationCSE Valeria BertaccoUniversity of Michigan
Laura SchicklingPDMS Alveolar ModelMacromolecularShuichi TakayamaUniversity of Michigan
Bochun Zhang Twitter Predictor – Daily Update and WebpageCSEMichael CafarellaUniversity of Michigan
Dike Zhou Invisibility Cloaking 101ElectricalAnthony GrbicUniversity of Michigan
Nathaniel Jones Shout, MANES, and Distributed NetworkingECERobert DickUniversity of Michigan
Jonathan Tiao Shout, MANES, and Distributed NetworkingECERobert DickUniversity of Michigan
Xuexiu HanEvaluation and Development of Wireless Receiver ECEMichael FlynnUniversity of Michigan
Bradley FrostOptimizing Transparent Thin Film TransistorsECEBecky PetersonUniversity of Michigan
Ruben VillegasConvolutional Neural Networks for Vehicle DetectionECEHonglak LeeUniversity of Central Florida
Michael Hu Sharpening the Focus on Readmissions After Major Bladder Cancer SurgeryIOEMariel LavieriUniversity of Michigan
Shamik GangulyUsing GPUs to accelerate X-ray CT image reconstructionECEJeff FesslerUniversity of Michigan
Lucio CotaSystem for Virtually Non-Contact ExcitationMechanicalBogdan EpureanuUniversity of Arizona
Pamela Martinez-VillarealImproving Glaucoma Patient Records to Support Medical Decision MakingIOEMariel LavieriUniversity of Texas El Paso
Sara LaffinSEA and FEANAMENick VlahopoulosUniversity of Michigan
Bejamin MehneControl-Data IsolationCSETodd AustinUniversity of Michigan
Mark GrumHow the Weather Affects FlightIOEAmy CohnUniversity of Michigan
Bethany MeyerBone Mineral Density DistributionBiomedicalKen KozloffUniversity of Michigan
Donald RichardsonHow the Weather Affects FlightIOEAmy Cohn, Mark DaskinUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County
Huijiao GuanDeveloping a Multiplex AlphaLISA Microfluidic Chip for SepsisMechanicalJianping FuUniversity of Michigan
Anthony BuiLong Range Fissile Material Detection NERSMark MammigUniversity of Michigan
Ravesh SukhnandanTherapeutic Back Brace MechanicalKira BartonUniversity of Michigan
Kevin XuAnalysis of Image Reconstruction Algorithms for Dual Particle Imager NERSSara PozziUniversity of Michigan
Dylan HurdLatency Arbitrage and Market Fragmentation CSEMichael WellmanUniversity of Michigan
Shuyue LaiX Hale AerospaceCarlos CesnikUniversity of Michigan
Ruiqi ChenShape Memory Materials and Applications AerospaceJohn ShawUniversity of Michigan
Steven KnierPIA Extraction Steven Knier ChemicalMichael SolomonUniversity of Michigan
Matthew WarnezViscoelastic Bubble Dynamics MechanicalEric JohnsenUniversity of Michigan
Akshay KiniEGR Cooler Fouling MechanicalJohn HoardUniversity of Michigan
Richard CarilloDevelopment of a User Interface to Allow Remote Operation of a Robotic Arm MechanicalDawn TilburyUniversity of Central Florida
Gregory CaputoResearching Success in Concept Generation by Gregory Caputo Engineering Education ResearchShanna DalyUniversity of Michigan
Julia PierceLow Temperature Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treatment of Domestic Wastewater Civil and EnvironmentalLutgarde RaskinUniversity of Michigan