2012 SURE Video Search Results





 Brian Fulpur  3D Point X Cloud Matching  CSE Edwin Olson

University of Michigan

 Francisco Aldarondo

 A Dynamic Stochastic Model for a Mobile Healthcare Facility

 Routing Problem

IOE Mariel Lavieri, Siqian Shen University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
 Miquela Trujillo  Active Knits-Rib Knit Pattern Parameter Study Mechanical Diann Brei New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
 Ishan Mukherjee  Airline Projects  IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
 Vincent Tocco  Algae Biofuel: Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae Chemical Phillip Savage University of Michigan
 Christian Sambolin Sierra   Algae Cannibalism Chemical Phillip Savage University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
 Matt Scarpelli  Angular Dependence of the Compton Edge NERS Sara Pozzi University of Michigan
 Holly Chiang  Applications of a new Ultrasound Generating Device Electrical Jay Guo University of Michigan 
 Adam McFarland  Atom Probe Tomography of Vitreous Ice Materials Emmanuelle Marquis University of Michigan
 Alexander Hakkola BioBolt Electrical Euisik Yoon University of Pittsburgh
 Benjamin Mulder Capture from Combustion Gas and Shale Gas  Civil and Environmental Christian Lastoskie University of Michigan
 Matthew Warnez  Cavitation Bubble Dynamics Mechanical Eric Johnsen University of Michigan
 Shiming Song  Compressive Sensing Electrical  Zhengya Zhang University of Michigan
 Christopher Fair  Converting Microalgae into Fuel: Upgrading Chemical Phillip Savage University of Michigan
 Zeshi Zheng  Decentralized HVAC System Civil and Environmental Jerome Lynch University of Michigan
 Mykola Kravchenko  Design and Fabrication of Thin Film Transistors Electrical Becky Peterson University of Michigan
 Hayley Facca  Designing Superhydrophobic and Superoleophobic Materials Materials Science  Anish Tuteja University of Michigan
 Linyu Lin  Determination of radiation spectrum using RDTX  NERS Alec Thomas University of Michigan
 David Goodman  Dual Particle Imaging System for Localization of Nuclear Material NERS Sara Pozzi University of Michigan
 Bethany Lemanski  Dynamics of Connected Vehicles Mechanical Gabor Orosz Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Lawrence Lai  E.Coli Isobutanol Tolerance Chemical Nina Lin University of Michigan
 Edwin Sanjaya  Efficient Modelling and Algorithms for Dynamic Force Level Resource Management Aerospace Anouch Girard University of Michigan
 Boyang Zhu  Empirical Game Theoretic Analysis CSE Michael Wellman University of Michigan
 Shawn Daniel  Energy Harvesting with Mechanical Vibrations Aerospace Dan Inman North Carolina State University
 Mayra Martinez, Isamar Rosa  Evaluating Connections for LEGO-like Construction System Using ECC  Civil and Environmental Victor Li University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
 Yongxian He Experimental Validation of Mission Energy Prediction Model for UGVs Mechanical  Galip Ulsoy University of Michigan
 Kent Harli Handling Flexible Parts IOE Matt Reed University of Michigan
 Yuan Xiang  Harvesting Energy from Bridge Vibrations Electrical Khalil Najafi University of Michigan
 Sheng Wang  Heat and Mass Transfer Effects in Cavitation Bubbles Mechanical Eric Johnsen University of Michigan
 Paul Rigge  High-performance channel coding for energy-efficient communication Electrical Zhengya Zhang University of Michigan
 Kristina Vaclavek  Impact of Ground Motion Modification Process in Dynamic Analysis of Structures Civil and Environmental Dimitrios Zekkos University of Michigan
 Brandon LaFleur  Liquid Scintillator Characterization and Simulation Validation NERS Sara Pozzi University of Michigan
 Adam Cohen  M.E.M.S. Mechanical Kenn Oldham University of Michigan
 Xiang Zhou Material Quality Characterization Of Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell Materials Steve Forrest University of Michigan
 Jingjie Hu Maximizing the Crystalline Order of Nanoparticle Monolayers Made by ESA Mechanical John Hart University of Michigan
 Ariana Betts Mechanical Testing of Engineered Tissues Biomedical Jan Stegeman North Carolilna A and T University
 Kathryn Van Ham Mechanisms of ACL Injury Mechanical James Ashton-Miller Central Michigan University
 Michael Jarrett  Metal-Semiconductor Noise Properties NERS Michael Hammig University of Michigan
 Sarah Clark  Mixed Functional T10/12 Silsesquioxanes for Optical and Electronic Applications Macromolecular Science Richard Laine University of Michigan
 Haroon Zuberi Modeling CH4 In MOFS Mechanical Donale Siegel University of Michigan
 Derek Lax  MPACT NERS Thomas Downar University of Michigan
 Jeffrey Plott  Neurosurgery Simulators and Bimedical Device Design Mechanical Albert Shih University of Michigan
Taylor Cronk  Non-Tactile Mobile Programming CSE Georg Essl University of Michigan
 Carlos Casarez  Nondimensional Trends in the Walking Performance of Millimeter-scale Micro-robots Mechanical Kenn Oldham University of Maryland, College Park
 Sergei Avedisov  Nonlinear Analysis of Car Following Models Mechanical Gabor Orosz University of Michigan
 Umakanthan Kavin  Occlusion of DDFP Droplets in Microsized Vessels Biomedical Joseph Bull University of Michigan
 Wenbo Wang  Optical Analysis Method for Tissue Biomedical Mary-Ann Mycek University of Michigan
 Tara Lynn O’Gara  Pediatric Residency Scheduling IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
 Lauren Mancia  Perturbation Analysis of Single-Bubble Dynamics in a Viscoelastic  Medium Mechanical Eric Johnsen University of Michigan
 Ryan Chen  Procedure-Fellow Assignment Simulator Demo IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
 Aeriel Murphy  Quantifying the Beta Phase In The Magnesium Alloy, AZ91 Materials Science John Allison University of Alabama
 Jose Mesa  Seismic Sloshing Response of Oil Storage Tanks   NAME Kevin Maki University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
 Zhi Li, Qi Wu  Simulation of Tensegrity Systems   Civil and Environmental Jeff Scruggs University of Michigan
 Xiaowei (Adeline) Hong  Synthesis and Characterization of Chitosan-Gelatin Microsphere Biomedical Jan Stegemann University of Michigan
 Leon Paredes  Test Bed Design for Earthquake Simulation and Control Civil and Environmental Jerry Lynch University of Florida
 Erdong Li, Shaobo Liu  Tweets-Search Predictor CSE Michael Caferella University of Michigan
 Fred Buhler  Ultra-Low Noise Testing Electrical Michael Flynn University of Michigan
 Norrathep Rattanavipanon  Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning CSE Honglak Lee University of Michigan
 Karan Patel Vesicle Formation by High Speed Liquid Jetting Mechanical Allen Liu University of Michigan
 Tom Witkin VIVACE – A Hydrokinetic Power Device Mechanical Michael Bernitsas University of Michigan