2010 SURE Video Search Results

Adrian Montero 3G Test CSE Mao Morley University of Florida
Michael Hayter 3G Test CSE Mao Morley University of Michigan
Joseph Lelli 4-Pi Camera for 3-D Radiation Detector Imaging NERS Zhong He University of Michigan
Hongyi Xin A Case for Unlimited Watchpoints CSE Todd Austin University of Michigan
Devina Sanjaya A Computational Framework for Real-Time Assessment and Prediction of Atmospheric Contaminant Dispersion Aerospace Krzysztof Fidkowski University of Michigan
Justin Kirik A Numerical Investigation of Syngas Ignition Delay Time In a Rapid Compression Machine Aerospace Matthias Ihme University of Michigan
Shen Keat Cheok Advanced QST Device for Chronic Pain Research Mechanical Arthur Kuo University of Michigan
Kyle Gilson Airlines Operation Research IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
Matt Durham Algal Growth and Biodiesel Production Chemical Phil Savage University of Michigan
Chris Bellant An Investigation of Rotating Spoke Instabilities in a Hall Thruster Aerospace Alec Gallimore University of Michigan
John Gulbronson Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries Chemical Levi Thompson University of Michigan
Ryan Pomeroy Bird Strike Analysis on Fan Blades Aerospace Veera Sundararaghavan University of Michigan
Anna Brieland-Schultz Cavitation in Converging-Diverging Nozzles Mechanical Eric Johnsen University of Michigan
Anne Thiel Characterization and Quantification of Recycle Stream in Hydrothermal Biomass Processing Chemical Xiaoxia (Nina) Lin University of Michigan
Adrienne Lemberger Characterization of a 3D Flexure Bearing for use in a Nanopositioning System Mechanical Sorya Awtar University of Michigan
Hang An Characterizing Mechanical Properties of Micro-Springs for MEMS Devices Electrical Rebecca Peterson University of Michigan
Nicholas Clay Colloidal Self-Assembly with Janus Particles Chemical Michael Solomon University of Michigan
Mario Azzurri Computational Chemical Kinetics AOSS John Barker University of Michigan
Adam Schutt Constructing a Solutions Manual NERS David Wehe University of Michigan
Payton Spaller Controlled Nanoparticle Production Materials Steve Yalisove University of Michigan
Mark Peter Designing Superhydrophobic and Superolephobic Materials Materials Anish Tuteja University of Michigan
Yemin Tang Development and Characterization of Inkjet Printing for Wafer Bonding and Sealing of Intergrated Systems Electrical Rebecca Peterson University of Michigan
Meredith Miller Development and Testing of PCM-ECC Civil and Environmental Victor Li University of Michigan
Trent Thum Doppler Radar for Nearshore Current Measurements NAME David Lyzega University of Michigan
Anna Weiss Driver Interface Group at UMTRI IOE Paul Green University of Michigan
Francisco Sotomayor  Dynamic Fugacity-Based Modeling of the PBDEs in the Great Lakes  Civil and Environmental Christian Lastoskie University of Florida
Jessandra Hough  Dynamics of Baseball Bat Swing as Measured by Miniature Wireless IMU Mechanical Noel Perkins University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Yundi Lin  Effects of Contaminants on High Engine Lubricants Mechanical Angela Violo University of Michigan
Justin Moyer  Effects of Microstructure on the Stability of Three-Phase Fuel Cells Materials Science Katsuyo Thornton University of Michigan
Joshua Lim  Electronic Design Automation for Social Networks CSE Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
Minan Al-Haideri  Energy Harvesting Using Piezo Electric Devices Electrical David Wentzloff University of Michigan
Kevin Schalte  Fabrication of Monodisperse Droplets with a Microfluidic Device Biomedical Joe Bull University of Michigan
Onajite Shemi  Fabrication of Paclitaxel-loaded Biodegradable Spheriodal Microparticles for Drug Delivery Applications   Chemical Lola Eniola-Adefeso University of Maryland, Baltimore County
 Joyce Loh  Fluoride Catalyzed Rearrangement Reactions of Polyphenylsilsesquioxanes Macromolecular Richard Laine University of Michigan
Alvin Beyerlein  Flying Fish: Autonomous Flight Surveillance Platform NAME Guy Meadows University of Florida
Yung Leong Lee  Fuel Decomposition   Mechanical Paul Teini University of Michigan
Zaide Feliciano-Muniz  Gas Involved Therapy Biomedical Joe Bull University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Zuleika Oquendo   Gasification of Biomass Model Compounds in Super Critical Water Chemical Phil Savage Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Kaelin Jensen  Growing Nano Wires to Increase the Efficienty of Solar Cells Materials Science Akram Boukai University of Michigan
Rosemarie Figueroa  Hand Function Evaluation IOE Tom Armstrong University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Edward Cyrne  Health Monitoring of Buried Pipelines Civil and Environmental Jerome Lynch University of Michigan
Gregory Handy  Helical CT Image Reconstruction   Electrical Jeff Fessler University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Zhongnan Xu  Heterogeneous Catalysts Chemical Suljo Linic University of Michigan
Margarita Otero  Impact of Biofuels on Desorption of PAHs   Civil and Environmental Avery Demond University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Kyle Luck  Improving the Open Circuit Voltage of Organic Solar Cells Materials Science Max Shtein University of Michigan
Anna James  Investigating Waste Technologies and Improvements   Civil and Environmental Steve Wright University of Florida
Silvanna Vargas  Investigation of Transient Pressures  Civil and Environmental Steve Wright University of Florida
Philip Vanderwall  Microsphere Size Reduction Mechanical Michael Thouless University of Michigan
Lindsay Ogard  Modeling Saturn’s Magnetosphere Based on Cassini Mission AOSS Tamas Gombosi University of Michigan
David Caldwell  Molecular Inhibitors of Parasitic Tubulin Biomedical David Sept University of Michigan
Yan Qi  Multiple Target Tracking with Single Minimally Calibrated Camera Electrical Silvio Saverese University of Michigan
Matthew Philson  Numerical Analysis of Stochastic Models for Operational Flexibility IOE Mark van Oyen University of Michigan
Jesse Tzeng  Phase Behavior of Thin Film Polymer Brush-Coated/Homopolymer Systems Macromolecular Peter Green University of Michigan
Cameron Howard  Plasma Water Treatment NERS John Foster University of Maryland, Baltimore County
 Guanheng Zhang  Proton Irradiation to Simulate Neutron Damage in Nuclear Materials NERS Gary Was University of Michigan
Angel Perez  Punching Shear Behavior of RC Slab-Column Connection with Shear Stub Reinforcement Civil and Environmental Gustavo Parra University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Lu Huang  Radiation Detection for Nuclear Non-Proliferation NERS Sara Pozzi University of Michigan
Dimitris Assanis  Rapid Compression Facility Research Mechanical Margaret Wooldridge University of Michigan
Perry Atangcho  Regional Changes in Collagen Fibril Diameter Distribution of Mouse Tibialis Anterior Tendons Due to Aging Biomedical Susan Brooks Georgia Institute of Technology
Sheila Raja  Reliability of Organic Solar Cells Electrical Steven Forrest University of Michigan
Andrea Trese  Removal of Nitrate and Arsenic from Drinking Water Sources Civil and Environmental Lutgarde Raskin University of Michigan
Lisa Perez Safe Obstacle Avoidance   Mechanical A. Galip Ulsoy University of Michigan
Adam Olshove  Shockwave Induced Yielding Film Mechanical Anthony Waas University of Michigan 
 Michael Wang  Single Axis Flexure Design Mechanical Shorya Awtar  University of Michigan 
Austin Chrzanowski  Stochastic Modeling of Total Patient Care Pathways IOE Mark VanOyen  University of Michigan
Kevin Hanlon  TAC/SCM Analysis   CSE Michael Wellman  University of Michigan
David Devecsery  Talking Book Project CSE Peter Chen  University of Michigan
Kayode Sanni, Kerry Luke  Tracking Robots with Programmable LED Lights CSE Edwon Olson  University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Jinhyung Hwang  Using Computer Simulations to Find Novel Materials For Carbon Capture Mechanical Don Sigiel  University of Michigan
Yaoyu Tao  VLSI Architecture and Implemenation of High Performance Error Correction Non-Binary LDPC Decoder Electrical Zhengya Zhang  University of Michigan
Scott Coblitz  Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy NAME Michael Bernitsasa  University of Michigan
Maria Sevillano Water Quality Analysis for the Ann Arbor Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System   Civil and Environmental Lutgarde Raskin  University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Gerald Chang Weight Reduction of Composite Chassis for the 2011 U of M Solar Car Team Mechanical Kazukhiro Saitou  University of Michigan
Tony Chen Witricity and Cutting the Cord Electrical Anthony Grbic  University of Michigan
Katherine Stone Workload While Driving IOE Paul Green  University of Michigan
Cameron Lee X2-Nested Channel Hall Thruster Aerospace Alec Gallimore  Cornell University
Siyuan Xin XHALE Shape Monitoring Algorithm Aerospace Carlos Cesnik  University of Michigan