2011 SURE Video Search Results





Rene Maciel  A Novel Smart Excitation System for Complex Structures    Mechanical Bogdan Epureanu California Polytechnic
James Hoyt  Air-Breathing Electric Propulsion  Aerospace Alec Gallimore University of Michigan
Christina Machak  Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors Civil and Environmental Lutgarde Raskin, Steve Skerlos University of Michigan
James Buquet  Analysis of Temperature Mediated Facilitation of Sleep Mechanical  Albert Shih University of Florida
Yifan Li  Atomic Analysis of a High Stregnth Ni-based Superalloy  Materials Science Emmanuelle Marquis University of Michigan
Lena Soler  Bending, Tension and Compression Testing on Steel Fiber Concrete Civil and Environmental Gustavo Parra University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
Xinsheng Chu  Biological Treatment of Simultaneous Removal of Nitrate and Arsenic from Drinking Water Civil and Environmental Lutgarde Raskin University of Michigan
Ari Chivukula  Botnet Detection and Mitigation CSE Farnam Jahanian University of Michigan
Katie Gessler  Bringing Dynamics Alive in the Classroom-An Experimental Approach to Teaching   Mechanical Noel Perkins University of Maryland Baltimore County
Angelica Cortes  Cesium Diffusion in Silicon Carbide NERS Gary Was University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Sarah Paleg  Characterization of Surface Features of MBE-Grown GaAsBi Semiconductor Films Materials Science Rachel Goldman Washington University of St. Louis
Miranda Rudolph  Deformation Response of 3D Woven Textile Composites   Aerospace Anthony Waas University of Michigan
Issac Olson  Design and Control of an Autonomous Quadrotor Helicopter   Aerospace Ella Atkins University of Michigan
Shiming Song  Design of Low-Current Voltage Dividers Electrical David Blaauw University of Michigan
Karlo Malaga  Design of Novel Inhibitors for Parasitic Actin Biomedical David Sept University of Minnesota
Allison Vogl  Design of Novel Inhibitors for Parasitic Actin  Biomedical David Sept University of Michigan
Gabriel Roman  Determination of the First Step Frequency of Human Gate.m4v Mechanical Arthur Kuko University of Florida
Roberto Colon  Development of a High-Speed Axial Reciprocating Probe for Hall Thruster Plasma Investigations   Aerospace Alec Gallimore Purdue University
Mitch Adler  Development of an Embedded Computer Vision Appliance CSE Edwin Olson University of Michigan
Haishan Zhu  Do You Hear What I See CSE Todd Austin University of Michigan
Keyla Badillo  Effect of CB2 on Neutrophil Adhesion Function Chemical Lolo Eniola-Adefeso University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez
Peijiang Wang  Effects of Target Locations on P300 Based BCI Accuracy Biomedical Jane Huggins University of Michigan
Nicholas Austin  EQE System Macromolecular Max Shktein University of Michigan
 Kene Akametalu  Extending the Range of Wireless Non-Radiative Power Transfer Systems Electrical Anthony Grbic UC Santa Barbara
Kathleen Chou  Functionalization of Oligomeric Polyvinyl Silsesquioxanes   Macromolecular Richard Laine University of Michigan
Haoran Li  High Performance Power Codes for Power Efficient Communication Electrical Zhengya Zhang University of Michigan
Colin Fitzner  Identification of Natural Frequency Variations Within Turbomachinery Mechanical Bogdan Epureanu University of Michigan
Ke Cao  Incline-Decline Study Mechanical Arthur Kuo University of Michigan
Andrew Wyksocki  Ipod Audio Jack Energy Harvester Electrical Dave Wentzloff University of Michigan
Brandon Jennings  Learning to Track Objects Using Kineeet 3D Sensor CSE Edwin Olson University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Nicholas Ristow, Daniel Pencak  MAV Research Aerospace John Shaw University of Michigan
Yufan (Claire) Liao  Mechanics and Energetics of Perturbed Standing Mechanical Arthur Kuo University of Michigan
Elizabeth Bojanic  Microfluidic Droplet Production for Gas Embolotherapy Biomedical Joseph Bull University of Michigan
Uziel Mendez  Microfluidic Droplet Production for Gas Embolotherapy Biomedical Joseph Bull Michigan Tech University
Cheng Chen  MobiPerf Introduction CSE Zhuoqing Morley Mao University of Michigan
Kathryn Luczer  Nanogratings to Replace Carbon Foil in Space-Based Mass-Spectrometers     University of Michigan
Jeffrey Avery   Network Performance Near Me CSE Zhuoqing Morley Mao University of Michigan
Kehan Zhang   Optical Fluorescence Analysis Method for Tissues and Tissue Engineered Constructs NERS Mary-Ann Mycek University of Michigan
Zixiao Chen  Optimization-based Approaches to Assigning Sorority Sisters to Rooms IOE Mark S. Daskin University of Michigan
Xing Li  Optimization-based Approaches to Assigning Sorority Sisters to Rooms IOE Mark S. Daskin University of Arizona
Jingjie Hu  Optimizing Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles by Blade Casting Mechanical John Hart University of Michigan
Kathryn Snyder  Point-of-Use Anaerobic Biofilter for Nitrate and Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water Sources Civil and Environmental Lutgarde Raskin University of Michigan
Samuel DeBruin  Power Cube (Gemini Power Meter) CSE Prabal Dutta University of Michigan
Aramis Alvarez  Programable Delay Cell in 65nm CMOS Electrical Michael Flynn University of Florida
Kosi Aroh  Programming Crystals Using DNA Patches Chemical Sharon Glotzner University of Maryland, College Park
Congyki Li  PSD of Neutron/Gamma-Ray Pulses Using Data Measured with Liquid Scintillation Detectors NERS Marek Flaska, Sara Pozzi University of Michigan
Michael Nowak  Schrodinger’s Equation and the Finite Element Method: Engineering Meets Quantum Physics Mechanical Vikram Gavini University of Michigan
Yigong Zhang  Semiconductor Gamma-Ray Detector Properties Under High Flux Radiation NERS Zhong He University of Michigan
Alex Albaugh  Simulations of DNA in Ultra-Fast Shear Flow Chemical Ronald Larson University of Michigan
David Biggs  SMRL Aerospace Nakhiah Goulbourne University of Michigan
Connor Field  Solar Cell Device Modeling Electrical Jamie Phillips University of Michigan
Yuchen Hua  Strain Gauge Test Mechanical Arthur Kuko University of Michigan
Erik Hand  Structural Health Monitoring For Composite Panels Aerospace Carlos Cesnik University of Michigan
Joseph DeGol  Target Tracking for Autonomous Quadrotor Control NAME Ryan Eustice Penn State University
Shahriar Khosravi  Time-marching Algorithms for the Unsteady Navier-Stokes Equations Aerospace Krzysztof Fidkowski University of Michigan
Aldon O’Bryant  Trace Route for Android CSE Zhuoqing Morley Mao Rust College
Brian LeFevre  Ultrafast Laser Micromachining of Black Body Cavaties NERS Karl Krushelnick University of Michigan
Cameron Miller  Using Isotron for Active Interrogation NERS Sara Pozzi University of Michigan
Abby Grajek  Utilizing Bone Marrow Stromal Cells to Engineering Grafts for ACL Repair Mechanical Ellen Arruda University of Michigan
Xun Xu  Vehicle Routing Problem and Residential Scheduling Problem IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
Yannaphol Kaewbadhoon  Vehicle Safety Optimization Mechanical Panos Papalambros University of Michigan
Thomas Witkin  VIVACE Hydrokinetic Energy Converter NAME Michael M. Bernitsas University of Michigan
Molly Flynn  Writing Software for MIIPS NERS Karl Krushelnick University of Michigan