SURE Criteria and Selection

The 2023 SURE Program application is now closed. Applicants will be notified during the first week of March 2023 if they are offered a spot in the program. For those looking for future opportunities please check back in October for information about Summer 2024!  

SURE Criteria and Selection

Criteria for SURE

  • Must be a full-time University of Michigan Ann Arbor student or a student at the University of Monterrey to apply (only University of Michigan College of Engineering and LSA Computer Science & Data Science Students are eligible).
  • Must have entered or completed their junior year (preference will be given to those who have completed three years of study) by the time of the SURE internship and not be scheduled to graduate before December 2023.
  • Students who have attained a GPA of 3.0 or above are strongly recommended.
  • Must participate in a full-time 10-12 week summer research experience from May 2 to August 18, 2023, as prescribed by your SURE faculty advisor.
  • Must be available to be in Ann Arbor during the summer. (Some programs may allow for a hybrid experience with both on and off-campus work).
  • Need to identify an area of research and a faculty member who would be willing to serve as your research advisor/mentor (we understand that this process may be ongoing and not finalized when completing the SURE application).
  • Must have the intent to pursue a graduate degree in engineering (SUGS, Master’s, Ph.D.).
  • Must complete the SURE application by January 20, 2023.
  • Individual departments may have additional application requirements; check with your SURE department contact.

Selection for SURE

  • SURE Selection (University of Michigan Students)
  • Engineering departmental faculty will oversee the selection of all SURE students.
  • Departments will select SURE students by March 1, 2023.
  • SURE applicants will be notified about their selection status beginning in early March 2023.
  • The final selection and notification process typically concludes in early April.  All students will be notified of their selection status once the process has concluded.
  • Selected students will participate in a 10 – 12 week full-time summer program as specified by individual departments between the months of May-August 2023.
  • Students are not enrolled for credit for this program.
  • Students will receive $6,000 for the summer program; departments have the discretion to increase the award amount; departments may pay the students with stipends or as temporary employees with hourly wages.
  • In addition to departmental research activities, students will attend regular meetings and seminars offered by the College of Engineering throughout the summer program.
  • Students will either submit an abstract or other designated assignment to showcase their summer research experience.