2014 SURE Video Search Results

Jacques Mathieu Reconstituting MscL in Lipid Bilayer Vesicles for Artificial Platelet Application  Mechanical Allen Liu University of Michigan
Yunkai Zhao CMOS Temperature Stability for Heterointegration EECS Becky Peterson University of Michigan
Sarah Hammer Engineering E. coli for cellulosic isobutanol production in co-culture with T. reesei Chemical Nina Lina Dartmouth College
Jin Woo Park Shape Memory Polymer Fabrication and Testing Aerospace Nakhiah Goulbourne University of Michigan
Eugene Kim Engineering Recombinant Cellulolytic Complexes for Bioethanol Production  Chemical Fei Wen University of Michigan
Daniel Quevedo Engineering Recombinant Cellulolytic Complexes for Bioethanol Production  Chemical Fei Wen University of Miami
Eliana Almario Micro-Additive Manufacturing Mechanical Kira Barton Florida International University
Sunming Qin Summer Research at Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory Nuclear Gary Was University of Michigan
Yizhi Liu X-HALE aircraft Aerospace Carlos Cesnik University of Michigan
Ariana Bruno Software-Controlled 3D Ultrasound Positioning System for Remotely-Localized Drug Delivery Biomedical Beata Chertok University of Michigan
Haowei Cai Embedded Software for Wireless-Controller Modular Robots EECS Shai Revzen University of Michigan
Miriam F. Santos Diesel NOx reduction with pulsed Hydrocarbons  Mechanical John Hoard University of Puerto Rico Mayaquez
Patrick Carrier XHALE  Aerospace Carlos Cesnik University of Michigan
Maria Correa Validation of Logistic Regression Models for Clinical Prediction of Metastatic Disease IOE Brian Denton St. Mary’s University
Justin Correll Testing of 64×64 Correlator ASIC for Geostationary Synthetic Thinned Aperture Radiometer Electrical Michael Flynn University of Miami
Jason Del Rosario Discrete Event Systems EECS Stephane Lafortune University of Michigan
David Glubzinski Downstream Nutrient Removal from AnMBR and Impact of DO on Pharmaceutical Removal Civil and Environmental  Nancy Love University of Michigan
Kohei Harada Autonomous Aircraft Controller with Aerodynamic Sensing Aerospace Ella Atkins University of Michigan
Eric Horst Fluid Shear Bioreactor Materials Science Geeta Mehta University of Michigan
Daniel Imaizumi Charge Air Cooler Condensation Management Mechanical John Hoard University of Florida
Xiaofan Ji Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Nanoscale Opal and Inverse Opal Silicon for Solar Cell Applications Materials Science Emmanouii Kioupakis University of Michigan
 Aaron Kaufman Computer Modeling of Liquid Electrolytes for Magnesium Batteries  Mechanical  Don Siegel University of Michigan
Ryen Krusinga Reconstructing Images with SVD Computer Science Igor Markov University of Michigan
Miki Lee SMP Application Aerospace Nakhiah Goulbourne University of Michigan
Alex Liao Readout Circuit for Resonant Sensors EECS Mina Rais-Zadeh University of Michigan
Alexander McSpaden Modeling With a Dual Particle Imaging System Nuclar Sara Pozzi University of Michigan
Wilson Perez Energy Efficient Design of a Quadruped Robot Mechanical David Remy University of Central Florida
Charlotte Sawyer Engineering Education Taxonomy and Ideation Flexibility Engineering Education Research Cindy Finelli and Shanna Daly University of Michigan
Nina Scheinberg Applied Optimization Projects in Healthcare Industrial Amy Cohn University of Michigan
Mihir Sheth  Improving Communications between Autonmous Systems and Humans  EECS Necmiye Ozay University of Michigan
James Tan  Simulating Arsenic-Bearing Waste Disposal from Drinking Water Treatment Wastes Civil and Environmental Kim Hayes University of Michigan
Tasha Tardieu  Incorporating Non traditional Materials in Structures for Earthquake Response Reduction Civil and Environmental  Jason McCormick University of Michigan
 Rachel Thompson  Undrained Strengh of Gravel in Simple Shear and Shear Wave Velocity Civil and Environmental Dimitrios Zekkos and Adda Athanasopoulas-Zekkos University of Michigan
Ian Van Tassel Design and Assessment of Vibrotactile Sensory Augmentation Devices for Improving Balance Mechanical Kathleen Sienko University of Michigan
Alexander Waselewski Astigmatic PIV Biomedical Joe Bull University of Michigan
Danqing Xia Durable Superhydrophobic Surfaces Macro-molecular Anish Tuteja University of Michigan
Haolu Zhang  Mechanical Analysis on Kevlar-Nanoparticle Composites Mechanical Ellen Arruda University of Michigan
Xiang Zhang  Modeling, Analysis and Control of Connected Vehicle Systems Mechanical Gabor Orosz University of Michigan
Ze Zhang  Scaling Up the Cycle Accurate Simulator Computer Science Todd Austin University of Michigan
Mengdi Zhu  Mobile Apps for K-12 Classroom Computer Science Elliott Soloway University of Michigan