2009 SURE Video Search Results

Chelsea LeBlanc A Virtual Machine-based Sampling System for Dynamic Software Analysis CSE Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
Joshua Henderson An Aerodynamic Data System for Small Fixed-Wing UAS Aerospace Ella Atkins University of Michigan
Justin Kirik Analysis of Efficiency as a Function of Total Power of a Concentric Hall Thruster Aerospace Alec Gallimore University of Michigan
Jennifer Buison Bending Behavior of HSS Under Cyclic Loading Civil and Environmental Jason McCormick University of Michigan
Dan Clark Camera Positioning System for a Semi-Autonomous Roundabout Project Electrical Domitilla Del Vecchio University of Michigan
Kai Boon Ee Carbon Nanotube FET Electrical Zhaohui Zhong University of Michigan
Edwin Yik Catalytic Steam Gasification of Carbon Derived from Isooctane Decomposition over Ni/CZO Chemical Johannes Schwank University of Michigan
Bethany Glesner Ceramic Nanopowders Towards Transparency Materials Science Richard M. Laine University of Michigan
Joshua Robinson Characterization and Design of a Microparticle Accelerator Aerospace Alec Gallimore University of Michigan
Eric Muir Characterization of Hysteresis Aerospace Peretz Friedman University of Michigan
Elizabeth Boettner Comparison of Velocity Estimation Methods Mechanical Dawn Tilbury University of Michigan
Gregory Wagner Computational Model of Matrix-Stabilized Combustion in Porous Media Burner Aerospace Matthias Ihme University of Michigan
Brian Mackie-Mason Creep Tests of T91 for use in Ge. IV Nuclear Reactors NERS Gary Was University of Michigan
Nanut Panpreuk Determining Mutual Diffusion coefficients of Aromatic inN2 Mechanical Angela Violi University of Michigan
Victor Singh Diffraction of Sound Around Blind Corners: Theory and Experiment Mechanical David Dowling, Kari Grosh University of Michigan
Yun Wang Eddy Current in FeedBack Keyboard Mechanical Brent Gillespie University of Michigan
Meghan Harrison Effect of Aorta Anchor Storage Conditions on Muscle Construct Force Production Biomedical Lisa Larkin University of Michigan
Jessica Rilly Effects of Marijuana on the Immune Response System Chemical Phillip Savage University of Michigan
Michael Workman Electroless Deposition of Silver onto Sulfate-Terminated Polystyrene Spheres Macromolecular Richard E. Laine University of Michigan
Yefei Wang Embedded Implementation of van der Pol Oscillators Electrical Jim Freudenberg University of Michigan
Jessica Wang Enclosing Nanowells with Spanning Lipid Bilayers Biomedical Michael Mayer University of Michigan
Stephanie Ogura FlyingFish – A Persistent Ocean Surveillance Platform Aerospace Ella Atkins University of Michigan
Erica Christensen FunSAT: Human Computing for EDA CSE Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
Yu Fu Gate-level Logic Simulation With GP-GPU CSE Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
An Cao Hand Exertion Under Kinematic Constraints IOE Matt Reed University of Michigan
Maya Spivak Hardware-base Software Protection: a Demonstration on an FPGA CSE Igor Markov University of Michigan
Arthur Adisusanto Hospital Inpatient Occupancy Variability Reduction IOE Mark Van Oyen University of Michigan
Sydney Chiu Impact of Aerosols on Land Surface Budget and Regional Climate AOSS Allison Steiner University of Michigan
Lai Wei Integrated Microwave-Ultrasound Imaging System Electrical Mahta Moghaddam University of Michigan
Michael Sachllah Investigation of the Force Distribution at the Hand/Handle Interface During External Loading IOE Tom Armstrong University of Michigan
Firas Midani Isolation and Profileration of Nerual Cells from C. elegans Mechanical Nikos Chkronis University of Michigan
Matthew Philson IT Service Systems IOE Shervin Ahmadbeygi University of Michigan
John Tibble LCM and the iPod Touch CSE Edwin Olson University of Michigan
Sophie Christian Mapping Global CO2 Civil and Environmental Anna Michalak University of Michigan
Tse Lai Yu Leo Medical Device Manufacturing Mechanical Albert Shih University of Michigan
Steve Joseph Metamaterial Phase Shifting Lines Electrical Anthony Grbic University of Michigan
Rebecca Rousseau Micro-sphere Production and Cracking Mechanical Michael Thouless University of Michigan
Hai Wang Micro-spheres Mechanical Michael Thouless University of Michigan
Xin Qiu Mid-Infrared Medical Lasers for Dermatology and Cardiovascular Applications Electrical Mohammed Islam University of Michigan
Emily Herbert Monitoring Self-Healing in ECC Using EIS Civil and Environmental Victor Li University of Michigan
K. Scott Tripp, Tammy Wang Nanosatellite Pipeline Power Systems Aerospace, Electrical James Cutler, Brian Gilchrist University of Michigan
Rachel Trabert Nanosieves with AFM Aerospace Alec Gallimore University of Michigan
Joseph Du Operating Room Scheduling Optimization IOE Mark Van Oyen University of Michigan
 James Gawron Optimization of the UM Miniature Electric Field Sensor AOSS Nilton Renno University of Michigan
Bingxin Xu Optimization of Thermal Buckling Performance of Crystalline Laminates Aerospace Veera Sundararaghavan University of Michigan
Ryan Minnema Optimizing MRI Scheduling IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
 Ian Tobasco Probabilistic Approach to Inverse Convection-Diffusion Aerospace Krzysztof Fidkowski University of Michigan
Alex Sloboda RAX Attitude Determination Aerospace James Cutler University of Michigan
Akram Helou Reinforcement Learning CSE Satinder Baveja University of Michigan
Benjamin Pascoe Rib Stitch Experimental Behavioral Study Mechanical Diann Brei University of Michigan
Junhao Jiang Running Software on Broken Hardware CSE Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
Halle Doenitz Self-Healing of Restrained Shrinkage Microcracking in M45-ECC and Electrical Methods for Detecting Damage Civil and Environmental Victor Li University of Michigan
Ernie Gillard Semantic Guardian CSE Valeria Bertacco University of Michigan
Steve Mazur Shape Memory Polymers Experimentation Aerospace John Shaw University of Michigan
Bill Lloyd Shining Light on Pancreatic Cancer Biomedical Mary-Ann Mycek University of Michigan
Dyle Henning Slowing Down Process of Fast Neutrons Through LDPE and Water NERS Michael Hartman University of Michigan
Andy Ridgeway Study of Shape Memory Polymers Aerospace John Shaw University of Michigan
Andrew Koltonow SURE Introduction Macromolecular Richard Laine University of Michigan
Mark Roberts Thermoluminescent Dosimeters NERS Kimberlee Kearfott University of Michigan
Alexandre Curaudeau Verification and Validation of LeMANS Aerospace Iain Boyd University of Michigan
Michelle Cote Visualizing Calcium Dynamics in Non-excitable Cells Under Pulsatile Stimulation Biomedical Shu Takayama University of Michigan
Scott Coblitz, Paul White VIVACE NAME Michael Bernitsas University of Michigan
Grzegorz Filip VIVACE: Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation for Submerged Cylindrical Bodies NAME Mike Bernitsas University of Michigan
Nicolas Tempels Wind Farm Network Design IOE Amy Cohn University of Michigan
Rohan Mehta X-HALE Aerospace Carlos Cesnik University of Michigan