SURE Contact List

For general inquiries, feel free to contact us at: 

 Department Title Name Email
College of Engineering SURE Manager Shira Washington
Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Chair

Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Krzysztof Fidkowski  

Kathy Miller  

Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Administrative Specialist

Department Administrator

Brendon Baker


Mohammad Fallahi Sichani

Karen Gates

Catherine Seay-Ostrowski

Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Service Assistant Ariane Smith
Chemical Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator Susan Hamlin
Climate and Space Sciences Engineering

Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator  


Lindsay Coleman


Mark Moldwin

Computer Science and Engineering

Financial Aid Coordinator

Sylvia Galaty


Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Master’s Program Coordinator

Johnny Linn
Engineering Education Research

Graduate Program Coordinator

EER Faculty Contact

Kristen Thornton

Cindy Finelli

Industrial and Operations Engineering Graduate Advisor/Coordinator Matt Irelan
Macromolecular Science and Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator Julie Pollak
Mechanical Engineering Academic Services Office Kristel Briney
Materials Science and Engineering

Executive Secretary

Graduate Chair

Tina Longenbarger

Anish Tuteja

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Undergraduate Program Advisor Warren Noone
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Undergraduate Program Manager Michelle Sonderman


Graduate Program Chair

Graduate Program Coordinator

Ella Atkins

Denise Edmund

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

Associate Director
Associate Research Scientist

Kathleen Klinich