Robotics 2017 SURE and SROP Research Projects

Robotics Project #1: Mobile Robotics Platform

Cognizant Faculty Mentor: Ella Atkins (Robotics 550 Instructors)
Project Mentor: Peter Gaskell (Robotics R&D Engineer)
Prerequisites: EECS280, experience with robotic/embedded systems junior Standing or higher
Project Description: This project will focus on the development of a new educational mobile robotics platform from the ground up to support new projects for the robotic systems laboratory course, ROB 550. The student will be asked to complete a full systems engineering cycle for the specification, design, build, integration, and testing of an mobile robotics platform. Mechanical design, embedded software, sensor data acquisition and control systems will be emphasized.  Additional facets to this project may include mobile manipulation, processing 3D depth images for object detection, and the design and 3D Printing of custom mechanical parts.